Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I can have a starburst mirror too you know...

So Darin & I have been keepin our eyes out for a neat starburst mirror or clock to hang over our mantle...
we came across one once that we really liked at the Alameda antique fair.. but it turned out to cost over $200 AND it was missing spokes & had a few rusty bits on it.. and Im not about to shell out that kinda money for a damn mirror.
As I was browsing the net the other day I came across a tutorial for a starburst mirror & figured what the hell... I'll try & make my own damn starburst mirror.. and I have to say.. it came out pretty darn cool.
A couple wooden dowels, some various sized mirrors from the craft store, silver paint & a ton of glue sticks and voila!....

Starburst mirror!

We're quite pleased with it and hey.. it only cost us about $30 to make!

I'm thinking now that I have a scroll saw that my dad had given me.. I might just make some miniature wooden starbursts of some sort to hang up on the sides of the wall. It's about time we start decorating this house...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Weekend!

It was actually neat to have Halloween on Sunday cuz that meant a whole weekend dedicated to the day.. and this one was actually pretty fun for me.
On Friday, Darin & I went to my friend Ysel's house to carve pumpkins & drink alcohol. =)
Our pumpkins of the night:

Ysel's friend carved the pumpkin on the left.. it's a monster holding a trick or treat back. Darin & my pumpkin is the spider in the middle, and Ysel's is the tombstone with hands coming out of the ground on the left.
Saturday night Darin & I decided to go to the Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge with Ysel & her bf Jay..
it was 80's costume night... so of course we dressed up...

Jay, Ysel & I

Ysel had to take a pic with the bartender.. she loved his high waisted acid wash jeans

Jay was MC Hammer.. this is the best pic I had of his gold jacket.. it was complete with parachute pants. lol

Ysel & I found Cheech & Chong =)

What was 80's night without Freddy Kreuger? Darin had me do his makeup & used last years Freddy costume for this night

Ysel & I as your typical 80's girl

Darin & I

As for Sunday.. this was Darin & my BIG day... we went all out for these costumes...
Now Presenting....

Beetlejuice & Miss Argentina (of Beetlejuice)

Unfortunately I ran out of time and had to just draw on my cuts rather than get detailed & textured with them as I had wanted =(

Our friend Adil as the Devil

Adil & I

We had quite a few people asking to take pictures with us. I love that.. it tells me that I did a good job with our costumes =)

I had to take a picture with this costume... Old Spice man!

And of course.. my lil Oscar had a costume too! Oscar the Devil dog! =)

We ended up going to Polk St. in San Francisco to bar hop.. but oddly it wasnt as busy as we thought it'd be. I guess it had to do with Halloween falling on a Sunday.. but still, how can you NOT celebrate halloween on the actual halloween day?! It's like celebrating Christmas on some other day than the 24th or 25th. wtf? Whatever. We still had fun.

As for all the people we saw at the bars not dressed up.. alls I have to say is if you're from the U.S. and you DONT celebrate & dress up for halloween... you are LAME and you SUCK. =)

Can't wait for next year.. gotta start thinking of costumes. =)