Monday, March 28, 2011

Bye bye couch...

I dont think I ever posted on here.. but a month or so ago I found yet another neat vintage couch on craigslist:

 It's a 5 piece sectional but one of the 1-seater sections needs to be repaired so we've been using just 4 pieces. It looks a lot like a kroehler couch.. but I haven't found any tags or stamps that verifies that for sure.
As much as I love the LOOK of it.. I think we're going to sell it. Its a bit uncomfy for my taste and I think it will eventually need to be reupholstered. At this moment I dont have the funds to recushion/reupholster so I think it would be better to sell it in hopes that another vintage furniture lover can give it the love it deserves. So up on craigslist it's going. =(

We also scored a set of coffee tables on CL...

2 side tables and one large coffee table.. all for $20! Neato. We'll be keeping these bad boys =)

I have a feeling we will NEVER be finished with moving into our place. I feel that we are constantly scouring craigslist, antique fairs & shops looking to add new things to our home. It could be seen as bad... but I guess it could be a nice change as well. I get tired of people, places & things SOOoo quickly.. that maybe this would be a good thing for me. A change of scenery.

Monday, March 7, 2011

I do hair!

I have failed to mention that I am now working at a pretty cool salon in Palo Alto. Got the job the first week of January & am now a Hair Stylist at True Salon!
Yay! Go me!
The cool thing is I didn't have to go through a whole multi-year long training program either! My boss had me bring in some models to demonstrate some haircuts for her & I pretty much proved to her I knew what I was doing. (Take that JoCo salon!) So now I am on the floor & trying to build my clientele.

I do have to have some training in haircolor though.. the previous salon I worked at I was trained 2 yrs in haircutting only (it was an "either/or" master haircut or color salon) and it's been awhile since I've done any hair coloring on clients since the previous salon before that one. So yea.. I'm doing some 1 on 1 training with my boss which is pretty neat & gettin my color education on!

I'm trying real hard to get the word out that I'm at this salon, so I'd really appreciate it if the word was passed on!

I'm available for haircuts, styling & makeup!

To book with me at TRUE SALON,
Call 650-329-9397 & ask for Vivian!
299 S. California Avenue
Palo Alto, Ca

Also, be sure to check out the Promotions page on my hair & makeup website for neat discounts!!