Friday, April 23, 2010


Why is it that whenever I go to MAC... I pretty much ALWAYS forget what I wanted. bleh. I went today to pick up some stuff for my MU kit but mostly ended up buying stuff for myself. meh =/

After MAC, Darin & I took Oscar to the park where we ran into his lil friend Archie.. I get so smiley whenever I see them play together. It's so fun to seem him playing with other dogs. lol. He is like my child. I would do anything for Oscar.. which is why my husband & I recently ended up spending $500+ these past couple of days on him on Vet bills. He hasnt had much apetite lately so we were concerned & took him in. We were told to give him a diet of chicken & rice.. which he ate the first couple of times, & then it was back to not eating. So we took Oscar in Wednesday & they decided to do some xrays on him & hours later told us they saw something in his belly.. got a lil scared, but they said it could be food that he hadn't digested yet.. so they had to induce vomiting and xray him again. I guess it just ended up being food in his stomach.. so really it feels like the xrays were unnecessary.. but better knowing for sure than just guessing, right? So he's now on some meds for nausea & diarhea & we were told to continue to feed him chicken & rice & cottage cheese & that the meds should help him get his apetite back. Eh.. well.. yesterday he gobbled down every meal we gave him, but today he's bein kinda picky. He wont eat the cottage cheese or rice like he did the day before.. I guess he was just THAT hungry since he didnt get any food at the vet. He IS eating chicken though. So hopefully he gets better. They told us also that if he's still not getting his apetite back within a couple days then we need to try some special Hypoallergenic dog food (which I'm guessing will cost a pretty penny) & if THAT doesnt help, then more xrays & stuff.
Hopefully our lil guy gets well soon. I hate worrying that somethin is up with him.

Monday, April 19, 2010


I love vintage inspired lingerie...

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Saturday, April 17, 2010


Did some hair & makeup for a client yesterday as she was attending her art show later that evening....


All done with a 1/2 curling iron. I wish I could have captured the front a lil better thru camera. Sucks that dark hair doesnt show off the waves that well in photo.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So I've noticed my pup hasnt been himself lately & not eating much at all so my husband had me take him in to the vet today (once again).. i feel like we're in there all the time with some new concern. We took him in like last week as we were concerned about his permanent coming in already even though his puppy teeth weren't falling out.  Anyways, I assumed he wasnt eating since he's teething, but he wont even eat wet food. So I took him in, had him checked up. The vet said he seems fine but they did a fecal exam so they can test for parasites. So now we have to wait on that.
I hope he doesnt have Giardia again! .. or even something else. We were told to try feeding him boiled chicken & rice.. so I'm making some of that as I speak. Hopefully he munches this stuff down & is himself again.

Aside from that, I'm trying to go to the gym again. Vivian, PLEASE stick to it this time!
I really need to lose some weight. Since the wedding & not having a job, Ive packed on a few pounds. No bueno. So I've started recording what I eat & how much I exercise on a calorie counter program on my ipod. I think my problem is I dont eat ENOUGH. According to this calorie counter, I'm eating, but then I'm exercising & thus using much of my calories. I think I've read somewhere that when your body uses up your food calories, if there's nothing left to burn then it just stores your fat & uses that for energy. So maybe that's my problem? Ugh.. so now I'm tryin to make sure I'm always fueled up.. as well as eating healthy. Not bad so far.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Went to "Booze, Broads & Hot Rods" on saturday.. this was my look for the day: