Thursday, October 21, 2010

A blog giveaway

Miss Dollie Deville of The Rockabilly Socialite is hosting a giveaway which consists of a "Rockabilly Socialite's kit" from Besame Cosmetics...
sounds like some fun goodies to me! Check it out over here: Giveaway

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Nothing interesting going on in my life lately =(
Job hunting I guess, which is never fun...
I did manage to add some color to my day by playing with some colorful eyeshadow.. much more colorful than what I've been doing with neutrals lately...

I also did some hair for some bridesmaids this past weekend.. the first girl wanted something with a vintage vibe... that always makes me happy when people request that.. I love modernizing vintage 'dos. The 2nd girl was just an updo...

Other than that, not much is goin on with me =/
I got a new haircut today.. I suck at trying to grow my hair out. I really wanted to... but I ended up going for somethin shoulder length & choppier. I'm sure I'll be able to play around with it though and come up with some retro 'dos. I'll have to post pics later.

Friday, October 1, 2010


So today is the 1st day of October... which means 30 more days till halloween.
I <3 halloween and always try to go all out with my costume. Usually my husband & I do some sort of matching costume and I thought I'd share what we did last year...

Mr. & Mrs. Freddy Kreuger

No masks for us.. I actually used gelatin to make the texture for our faces & then painted it all up with makeup. I thought it came out pretty well for my first time takin a stab at fx makeup. We even had a few people asking to take pics with us while out bar hopping in SF.

I'm excited for this year as this years costumes will be from the movie Beetlejuice.
Darin will be Beetlejuice himself, and I thought well, since I currently have pink hair.. why not be Ms. Argentina?!

 yay, I cant wait!