Monday, May 24, 2010

weekend hair

Saturday I went to my Grandma's 75th birthday get together so I got a lil dolled up. I guess as a birthday present my Aunt decided to hire a photographer to take family photos with grandma at a park. So yea.. here's my hair:


And a pic with my hubby:

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Last saturday's wedding

So this last Saturday I did some hair & makeup for a wedding. I kind of dreaded it, but mostly because it was a bit far from SF which meant I had to wake up early. The wedding was in Scotts Valley, which is near Santa Cruz, CA. Sometimes it takes me 1.5hrs just to get to Newark when there is traffic, so I gave myself 2hrs to get to SV but since there was no traffic, I actually got there in 1hr. So it wasnt that bad.
I started out on the Maid of Honor...

This is Angela, with her hair set in barrel curls:

and after her hair & makeup was complete:

(I forgot to add lipstick in this one)

Next was Wendy, the bride:


She was havin a lil fun here in this pic as she thought she looked like an old 1050s maid with her hair set in barrel curls whilst wearing a satin robe.

After hair & makeup:

I'm so mad my camera battery decided to tell me it was dying the instant I started taking pics of the MOH, so I had to ration out my pics between the two of them. So unfortunately these are all the pics I got of them. The thing that sucks about my camera is that it ONLY tells me that my battery is low, minutes before it actually dies. It doesnt have a battery life bar to let me know when its actually going low. =(

I also did some hair & makeup for my sister in-law later that evening, but didnt get any pics on my camera & had to rely on my father in-law to take a couple of pics, so I have to wait to get those from him.

Friday, May 14, 2010


So0o.. the house hunting is over with. Yay! We're moving!
We found a 3bedroom/1.5bath/2car garage house back in Newark.. where I grew up.. for about the same price of what we are paying for our 1bedroom apartment here in SF. I never thought Id be so excited to move back to Newark. When I was living there I always complained about how there's nothing to do there, its so boring, and felt like a place for old people - is how I described it. I guess now that I'm married & have babies on the mind... it doesnt seem so bad after all. I now see it as more of a place to raise a family, I guess. Its funny when I realize during our hunt for another place to live, Darin & I were thinking about the cat needing space, and the dog needing a backyard.. and an extra room for when we do decide on having kids. Wow huh? So much has changed in our minds since we moved to SF a year ago. We dont care about the bars & nightlife being non existant in Newark.. we have family on the mind now. :-)
So yea, Im excited. Oscar will have a big backyard to run around in, we'll be in a nice neighborhood, PLENTY of parking (along with our own driveway lol), a lake for walking/jogging within walking distance, a 5-10minute drive from either of our parents & near our friends once again. I wont be confined in this apartment with no place to go due to no parking/shitty bus riding!
We keep talking about what the decor will look like.. so many rooms now to decorate, so many more places to put our stuff! lol. We just signed the agreement today as well as sent in our deposit. We're gettin closer.
There's so many birthdays this month to look forward to, including my own.. but I can't even think about that. I'm usually counting down the days to my birthday, but its more like counting down the days til we can move.. June 1st.
 I can't wait!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Last Weekend

So it took me awhile to upload some pics.. but this is a couple from last weekend. My husband & I were going to go out to this yummmmmy ice cream joint across the bay bridge.. but we both kinda got lazy & decided to stay home & take the doggie for a walk instead. Ice cream will have to wait... maybe for my birthday which is coming up. =)

Got all dolled up...

Decided to try out my "fashion" glasses I found in Old Sacramento...

Whaddaya think?

Also tried wearing some wide legged pants that I got back when the whole nautical look was the rage at old navy. lol. I want a pair that have a vintage look to them.. but this is the best I can do for now. Cant quite find a nice fitting pair in my size that doesnt cost 92834982374 dollars. lol

And a couple pics of the hubby & pup!

And Oscar stealing kisses from me!
I LOVE these guys!

Ok, so here's a look I did a week ago or so. I havent been wearing much makeup lately.. I get lazy too ya know. =)