Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Last Weekend

So it took me awhile to upload some pics.. but this is a couple from last weekend. My husband & I were going to go out to this yummmmmy ice cream joint across the bay bridge.. but we both kinda got lazy & decided to stay home & take the doggie for a walk instead. Ice cream will have to wait... maybe for my birthday which is coming up. =)

Got all dolled up...

Decided to try out my "fashion" glasses I found in Old Sacramento...

Whaddaya think?

Also tried wearing some wide legged pants that I got back when the whole nautical look was the rage at old navy. lol. I want a pair that have a vintage look to them.. but this is the best I can do for now. Cant quite find a nice fitting pair in my size that doesnt cost 92834982374 dollars. lol

And a couple pics of the hubby & pup!

And Oscar stealing kisses from me!
I LOVE these guys!


  1. i LOOVE the shirt.... your puppy is adorable!! and of course the glasses are kick ass!

  2. This is the famous Oscar ! Great to see him in great health. So adorable !