Sunday, December 5, 2010

A slow work in progress...

Darin has had this ugly old leather couch set with coffee tables that his friend had given him when he moved into his first apartment.. but since we've moved into our own house now, we've been wanting to *try* and decorate with a mid century theme...
A couple months ago we found a neat green (I'm thinking) 1960s couch but kept it in our garage until we could score more pieces of furniture to make a somewhat complete living room rather than mix & match with our old cruddy stuff. Last weekend we found a 1950s Kroehler side chair on craigslist .. not in the best shape.. but it was a steal & I figured if the upholstery was horrible I could always make a slip cover for it til I could scrounge up some money to either reupholster it or find something to replace it. We also found an atomic looking side table off of craigslist as well and yet again for a pretty good price.
Since we now have a couch, a  chair & a small table, we figured with the christmas tree in the house our living room would be somewhat filled so we decided to move all the furniture in and out with the old ..or uh new?

The table is a bit small to remain a main coffee table.. but it'll do for now. Our Kroehler chair.. who I've named Hobart.. yes, I like to name my inanimate objects ok.. it gives them personality!... seems to be winking at the camera as he is missing a button ;(.
I eventually would like to get 2 side chairs that match & some atomic side tables.. but hey, the chair & table were pretty freakin cheap, so for the time being, why not? =)
I also scored a pretty neat chrome & teal bread box from the woman who sold me the Kroehler chair... I saw it sitting right on top of her garbage can & asked if she were getting rid of it and she was just like 'yea, you want it'.. uh yea.. of course! So I got it for freeeee. I'm thinking of stripping the teal paint & repainting it red or black to match our kitchen theme.

We also picked up some neat black with white snowflakes pyrex dishes from an antique store.. thought they were cool as I've never seen all black ones before. Found some cute chrome & black salt & pepper shakers on etsy too that look like our kitchen canisters.

Darin & I were hoping to make it to the monthly Alameda Antique fair today.. but opted not to as it looked like rain was in the near future and plus.. after buying 8 freakin boxes of christmas lights to decorate the outside of our house.. plus other decorations... it was probably best NOT going and spending more $$$ this weekend. I guess we'll just have to wait til next month.. next year.. to go to the next one. Maybe, hopefully, I'll get some christmas money to spend on some more nic nacs & furnishings for our home.
It's a slow work in progress...

Saturday, December 4, 2010

eff you blogger

Dear blogger blogspot.. I hate you for letting me write out a whole damn post about my newly found furniture and then upon me clicking submit you erased the whole damn post.
i'll just have to write about this stuff all over again later cuz I really dont feel like sitting here with my cold numb fingers and typing out this shit right now.
Til then....

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I can have a starburst mirror too you know...

So Darin & I have been keepin our eyes out for a neat starburst mirror or clock to hang over our mantle...
we came across one once that we really liked at the Alameda antique fair.. but it turned out to cost over $200 AND it was missing spokes & had a few rusty bits on it.. and Im not about to shell out that kinda money for a damn mirror.
As I was browsing the net the other day I came across a tutorial for a starburst mirror & figured what the hell... I'll try & make my own damn starburst mirror.. and I have to say.. it came out pretty darn cool.
A couple wooden dowels, some various sized mirrors from the craft store, silver paint & a ton of glue sticks and voila!....

Starburst mirror!

We're quite pleased with it and hey.. it only cost us about $30 to make!

I'm thinking now that I have a scroll saw that my dad had given me.. I might just make some miniature wooden starbursts of some sort to hang up on the sides of the wall. It's about time we start decorating this house...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Weekend!

It was actually neat to have Halloween on Sunday cuz that meant a whole weekend dedicated to the day.. and this one was actually pretty fun for me.
On Friday, Darin & I went to my friend Ysel's house to carve pumpkins & drink alcohol. =)
Our pumpkins of the night:

Ysel's friend carved the pumpkin on the left.. it's a monster holding a trick or treat back. Darin & my pumpkin is the spider in the middle, and Ysel's is the tombstone with hands coming out of the ground on the left.
Saturday night Darin & I decided to go to the Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge with Ysel & her bf Jay..
it was 80's costume night... so of course we dressed up...

Jay, Ysel & I

Ysel had to take a pic with the bartender.. she loved his high waisted acid wash jeans

Jay was MC Hammer.. this is the best pic I had of his gold jacket.. it was complete with parachute pants. lol

Ysel & I found Cheech & Chong =)

What was 80's night without Freddy Kreuger? Darin had me do his makeup & used last years Freddy costume for this night

Ysel & I as your typical 80's girl

Darin & I

As for Sunday.. this was Darin & my BIG day... we went all out for these costumes...
Now Presenting....

Beetlejuice & Miss Argentina (of Beetlejuice)

Unfortunately I ran out of time and had to just draw on my cuts rather than get detailed & textured with them as I had wanted =(

Our friend Adil as the Devil

Adil & I

We had quite a few people asking to take pictures with us. I love that.. it tells me that I did a good job with our costumes =)

I had to take a picture with this costume... Old Spice man!

And of course.. my lil Oscar had a costume too! Oscar the Devil dog! =)

We ended up going to Polk St. in San Francisco to bar hop.. but oddly it wasnt as busy as we thought it'd be. I guess it had to do with Halloween falling on a Sunday.. but still, how can you NOT celebrate halloween on the actual halloween day?! It's like celebrating Christmas on some other day than the 24th or 25th. wtf? Whatever. We still had fun.

As for all the people we saw at the bars not dressed up.. alls I have to say is if you're from the U.S. and you DONT celebrate & dress up for halloween... you are LAME and you SUCK. =)

Can't wait for next year.. gotta start thinking of costumes. =)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A blog giveaway

Miss Dollie Deville of The Rockabilly Socialite is hosting a giveaway which consists of a "Rockabilly Socialite's kit" from Besame Cosmetics...
sounds like some fun goodies to me! Check it out over here: Giveaway

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Nothing interesting going on in my life lately =(
Job hunting I guess, which is never fun...
I did manage to add some color to my day by playing with some colorful eyeshadow.. much more colorful than what I've been doing with neutrals lately...

I also did some hair for some bridesmaids this past weekend.. the first girl wanted something with a vintage vibe... that always makes me happy when people request that.. I love modernizing vintage 'dos. The 2nd girl was just an updo...

Other than that, not much is goin on with me =/
I got a new haircut today.. I suck at trying to grow my hair out. I really wanted to... but I ended up going for somethin shoulder length & choppier. I'm sure I'll be able to play around with it though and come up with some retro 'dos. I'll have to post pics later.

Friday, October 1, 2010


So today is the 1st day of October... which means 30 more days till halloween.
I <3 halloween and always try to go all out with my costume. Usually my husband & I do some sort of matching costume and I thought I'd share what we did last year...

Mr. & Mrs. Freddy Kreuger

No masks for us.. I actually used gelatin to make the texture for our faces & then painted it all up with makeup. I thought it came out pretty well for my first time takin a stab at fx makeup. We even had a few people asking to take pics with us while out bar hopping in SF.

I'm excited for this year as this years costumes will be from the movie Beetlejuice.
Darin will be Beetlejuice himself, and I thought well, since I currently have pink hair.. why not be Ms. Argentina?!

 yay, I cant wait!

Monday, September 20, 2010


I hate stockinged feet(or nyloned) with open-toed shoes.

That's all I have to say.

Monday, September 13, 2010

9.12.10 Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge

So this weekend was pretty uneventful.. but yesterday kinda stirred up the uneventfulness I guess...
after doing a whole lot of nothing, I had seen a couple flyers for some "event" being held at the Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge in Alameda, Ca.. I guess there was to be a car show, some music, & drink specials..

I had never been to the lounge before, but have always heard things about it and wanted to check it out so reading up on this "event", I though it would give us reason to finally go. So my husband & I decided to go and brought along my friend, Ysel...
The car show was pretty lame & only involved like 6 cars... so we all decide to head on inside & get our drink on. =)
I ordered a Chamborlada which was supposed to be like a pina colada topped with chambord. It was actually pretty good.. we all agreed that it kind of tasted like a liquid version of Ambrosia salad.
Ysel got a "Comb Over" complete with a rat tail comb lol & Darin got a "Zombie".
Since we were able to score a table & seats we decided to share a Scorpion Bowl which got us nice & buzzed especially on our empty stomachs. That led us into a 2nd Scorpion Bowl & of course.. some cheese sticks & chicken strips to munch on.
The venue was pretty cool.. I'd go there agian. Darin signed up for their Red Devil Kill (or something like that) which is something like you have to try 97 types of rum and if you complete it you get a plaque on the wall with your name on it.. so I guess we'll be frequenting this place in the future.. which is good though, because I enjoyed myself, the decor & just over all feel of the place.

And for some pictures of our night...

Ysel & her "Comb Over" drink

The Comb Over

Darin & his Zombie lol

Myself with my Chamborlada

Scorpion Bowl!

The 3 of us sharing the Scorpion Bowl (ysel not pictured except for her straw)

Yea.. after the 2nd Scorpion bowl.. I missed the drink & sipped the cheesestick marinara sauce. Ugh lol

Ysel scratchin my back with a back scratcher ahhhhh. lol

I thought the dollar bills on the ceiling were neat...
I guess it was an ol' tradition when sailors were shipped off they would write their names on a bill & pin it up on the ceiling that way when they came back, theyd have money to buy their drink.

And one of Darin & I outside...


Saturday, September 11, 2010


I feel ugly today.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

8.30.10 Wedding Anniversary!

Yesterday was Darin & my first year wedding anniversary.. =)
We survived! Yay! lol

We had originally wanted to go away for a short vacation for the weekend but since Darin had to go to LA for work stuff and didnt get home til Friday night, we just decided on doin something low key.
I picked him up from work in SF and then he took me out to dinner at this restarant we both liked along the Embarcadero called Palominos. Yumm...

While Darin was at work the whole day I decided to make us a mini version of our wedding cake (or more so what it should have looked like...

The story about that is well, the venue we had our wedding at had a referred vendor for cake baker and so since we paid for the package that included the wedding cake.. we had to go with them. The woman that ran the shop seemed pretty nice & when we met with her I showed her pictures and she even drew out what are cake was going to look like and then put it in a folder which would be our "file". We all came to an agreement and what seemed like an understanding of what the cake would look like, etc. She even emailed us as we got closer to the wedding about the time she would arrive & how if she had to, she'd decorated while everyone was outside for the ceremony. She even offered that since we werent going to be saving the top tier for our anniversary, that she would make us one when the year came, for free. Neat huh?

Anyways.. wedding day came, and as soon as we walked in to the reception room and were seated at the head table (which happend to be right next to the cake) I saw the cake.. and sadly, it was NOT what we had spoken about, or even what the baker had drawn out for us. The designs were all off, and when I got a closer look, the swirly designs were very sloppy and poorly planned out (if that).
I know.. a cake shouldnt be that big of a deal.. and it really wasnt that Huge of a deal.. just a lil saddening when you have a dream wedding cake that was simple and then seeing something completely different. You only really get one chance at it ya know. Well, what got me was when I decided to email our baker to just give her a heads up on what happened, and I just didnt understand how she seemed to be all on top of everything before the wedding.. and then gives us a blah cake. I wanted to email her as well, just so that this didnt happen to any future couples. Yea.. I never got an email back.. That is until she saw my negative review I gave her on . She replied back saying something about how her mind was focusing on some other event or soemthing she had to do, and time slipped away, and blah blah she should have emailed me back. Never once though, did I get an apology.

So when it came to our anniversary, we sure as hell weren't going to be asking for that free anniversary cake, so I decided well, I'm more competant in making my own damn cake.. and I did. =) Go me!

Just so you can see....

This is what our cake was SUPPOSED to look like on our wedding day:

This is the sloppy version from the baker:
Can you see how sloppy the piping is? How unplanned it was and she tried to squeeze some squiggles in there? Also, notice the uneven tiers? =(

And this, is MY mini, round version!:

My husband as he walks into the kitchen to see the suprise I made:

Darin "oohing & aahing"

And finally, a pic of us and our cake for our First year anniversary! =)
<3 <3 <3