Tuesday, August 31, 2010

8.30.10 Wedding Anniversary!

Yesterday was Darin & my first year wedding anniversary.. =)
We survived! Yay! lol

We had originally wanted to go away for a short vacation for the weekend but since Darin had to go to LA for work stuff and didnt get home til Friday night, we just decided on doin something low key.
I picked him up from work in SF and then he took me out to dinner at this restarant we both liked along the Embarcadero called Palominos. Yumm...

While Darin was at work the whole day I decided to make us a mini version of our wedding cake (or more so what it should have looked like...

The story about that is well, the venue we had our wedding at had a referred vendor for cake baker and so since we paid for the package that included the wedding cake.. we had to go with them. The woman that ran the shop seemed pretty nice & when we met with her I showed her pictures and she even drew out what are cake was going to look like and then put it in a folder which would be our "file". We all came to an agreement and what seemed like an understanding of what the cake would look like, etc. She even emailed us as we got closer to the wedding about the time she would arrive & how if she had to, she'd decorated while everyone was outside for the ceremony. She even offered that since we werent going to be saving the top tier for our anniversary, that she would make us one when the year came, for free. Neat huh?

Anyways.. wedding day came, and as soon as we walked in to the reception room and were seated at the head table (which happend to be right next to the cake) I saw the cake.. and sadly, it was NOT what we had spoken about, or even what the baker had drawn out for us. The designs were all off, and when I got a closer look, the swirly designs were very sloppy and poorly planned out (if that).
I know.. a cake shouldnt be that big of a deal.. and it really wasnt that Huge of a deal.. just a lil saddening when you have a dream wedding cake that was simple and then seeing something completely different. You only really get one chance at it ya know. Well, what got me was when I decided to email our baker to just give her a heads up on what happened, and I just didnt understand how she seemed to be all on top of everything before the wedding.. and then gives us a blah cake. I wanted to email her as well, just so that this didnt happen to any future couples. Yea.. I never got an email back.. That is until she saw my negative review I gave her on yelp.com . She replied back saying something about how her mind was focusing on some other event or soemthing she had to do, and time slipped away, and blah blah she should have emailed me back. Never once though, did I get an apology.

So when it came to our anniversary, we sure as hell weren't going to be asking for that free anniversary cake, so I decided well, I'm more competant in making my own damn cake.. and I did. =) Go me!

Just so you can see....

This is what our cake was SUPPOSED to look like on our wedding day:

This is the sloppy version from the baker:
Can you see how sloppy the piping is? How unplanned it was and she tried to squeeze some squiggles in there? Also, notice the uneven tiers? =(

And this, is MY mini, round version!:

My husband as he walks into the kitchen to see the suprise I made:

Darin "oohing & aahing"

And finally, a pic of us and our cake for our First year anniversary! =)
<3 <3 <3


  1. Yours is fabulous Viv!! Happy Anniversary and may you have many MANY more!!

  2. That's to bad about the wedding cake, but yours is soo much better than the bakers! :)

  3. That sucks about your wedding cake! I would complain to the reception location that made her the preferred vendor! I have to say, your cake looks divine! I bet it tasted as good as it looks.

  4. Congratulations on your anniversary, and well done on your cake, it looks much better than the cake makers! How dare she tell you (via Yelp) that she had something else on her mind? What kind of service is that? shocking!

  5. Congrats on your first year!! I can't believe a professional baker would even consider sending out a cake that looked like that. Your cake looked darling and I bet it tasted better too!

  6. Wow! What a knock-out cake! You should have just made the real one for the wedding, but who has time for that? ha ha. I love decorating cakes too, what fun! Thanks for another great post!


  7. Happy anniversary! The cake thing really is a bummer. Your cake turned out awesome and you & your hubby are adorable :)