Thursday, August 12, 2010

Craigslist likes to shit on me

Ugh, I'm getting very frustrated with craigslist right now. It seems as thought everytime I come upon something great, craigslist shits on me. Or well, more so, my craigslist experiences are shitting on me. =(
I've been scouring craigslist lately for retro/vintage things to decorate our house with. Once we found a super cool '50s long dresser listed for $60 and after having the dresser delivered to us in SF.. we were told the dresser was for sale for $260. We didnt end up buying it. Didnt look too good in person anyways.
Then after we moved into our house I started looking on CL for a king sized bed frame... came across a few.. and then came across something I had been lookin at on the ikea website, listed for like $40 and in great condition.Turns out the poster forgot to mention that there were some cracked pieces and a huge period stain on the matress that came along with it.
Lately I've been trying to look for a formica & chrome kitchen table... I've seen a couple listed, and some at good prices, but never in a color that will go with my kitchen's current color scheme. We've got a black & red kitchen theme going on.. so we'd like to find either a red, black(probably not) or grey/white table. We already have a dinky cheapo chrome/wood '50s-look-to-it table.. but it was purchased at target, and worked fine for our small SF apartment.. but we need something more stable & larger now.
So last night I was looking at the garage sale section of craigslist & came upon an ad for an estate sale going on today & tomorrow.. also noticed a picture of 2 RED chrome & formica kitchen tables.. so I decided to get my ass down there rather than sleeping in. Yea well, estate sale it was not. Junk was piled onto the driveway & it looked as if the couple had just collected things & then had their own lil garage sale.. & looks like they do it often since they had display cases, mannequin hands to display jewelry, & plus pictures on craiglist that were clearly taken on a different day. Anyways, they had some cool dressers.. but nope, not what I was looking for. I saw the chrome & formica tables, & they looked cool.. but waaay out of my budget. $600 for one, and $350 for a dinky foldable one. Not worth it to me. I've seen some listed for as low as $100 and thats about around what I am expecting to pay for one. I'll find it one of these days!
So then I come home... first thing I do at the computer is check for some tables.. and lo & behold what do I see?......
Chrome & formica table .. cracked ice top, grey&white, rectangular kitchen table, WITH 2 additional inserts to make longer AND six chairs... $80.
I just about peed my pants & called the number on the ad.. and damnit, I called a couple minutes too late. The poster said someone was on their way to look at it right then. He told me to call back in half an hr to see if the person bought it, so then I waited. And waited. Half an hour passed by and I called the guy back all excited, and boo, he said the woman was stil there looking at it & he thinks its being sold. It was very unclear, so I had my husband call a couple minutes later, and he too was then told the woman had bought the table.
shit fuck damnit ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!
eight fuckin bucks. That table would have looked perfect in my fucking kitchen. It pretty much looked like this:
but with the extra inserts & 6 matching chairs.
God damnit.
One day......

craigslist please stop doin me wrong. =(


  1. I hear ya. I never find anything on CL and if I do, its either out of my budget, too far away, or no way to pick it up. Or yes, someone else already got it. $80 is a heck of a deal too. $150 is the lowest Ive seen here.

  2. I don't want to brag, but I bought my tiki bar off of Craigslist for $200, but most of the time, yeah, it is not worth the trouble.

  3. Love your blog! Wish you lived close to Kansas City, and I'd make you a great deal on a table. I have this table obsession, so I can't pass them up. Zootsuitmama