Tuesday, August 3, 2010


So this past weekend I had a wedding to do some hair for..
I unfortunately dont have any pictures to post as they didnt come out nicely on my camera. =( The lighting was off in the hotel room, & plus, the styles were sooo simple I really dont think they're worth showing off on my part. Perhaps I'll get some photos back from the bride & seeing the whole look put together with dress, jewelry & makeup will make everything look 100x better.
The bride's style came out beautifully even though all she wanted was a down style with curls & one side pinned up. That was easy peasy. She had 2 bridesmaids though that were kinda tough to work with. The bride wanted their hair to be pulled back with curls in a half up half down style to contrast her all down style. One of the bridesmaids had a short A-line bob with horribly placed sewn in extensions that were not even the same texture as her natural hair. (i feel bad saying that, but its the truth) Having the extensions placed every which way with no direction really, made it a lil tough to work with her hair.. first her hair was short, 2nd I had to curl it, 3rd I had to find ways to coax the hair into hiding the woven parts of her extensions & 4th I had to find a way to pin it half way up & away from the face. I was able to manage something though, luckily.
The 2nd bridesmaid had easier hair to work with. Asian hair, which I thought I was going to have a hard time with curling.. but it actually took to a curl very well. I styled her hair all back with volume at the crown, no parting, & pinned a faux rose in the back. Then came the hard part.. her indecisiveness. She said she loved it, left the room to hang out with another bridesmaid & then later came back saying her friend thought it wasnt appropriate for a Bridesmaid.. that it looked too Bride-like & that I should make specific changes to it. "cuz "so&so said..." jeeeez. Ok, so I ended up taking it all down, and just giving less volume to the top & sides. more sleek. Wasnt too hard to fix.. just a lil annoying on how I had put a ton of bobbypins in her hair at her request.. and then had to dig them all out.. and also the change her friend told her to do. So after I fixed the 'do, I asked her to check it out in the mirror & she said she liked it.. but oh wait, she has to go ask her friend.
anyways.. other than that everything went well.

I later drove out to Roseville, Ca with my husband to attend the poor boys Midnight Mass car show..
Took us about 2.5 hrs to get out there, and unfortunately I found it disappointing. We probably stuck around for 2 hrs and then just headed back home.
The last MM we had gone to was in 2008 and we had a ton of fun there.. which was in Sacramento that time, and at the Cal-Expo center. To me, it looked like there were fewer cars & vendors this time AND the lines for alcohol were MASSIVE!
Also, I felt so overdressed.. I saw many spectators wearing jean shorts, tanks & flipflops. I however, went in a dress with 4" platform heels which were near impossible to walk in among the horribly textured ground full of lumps, grass, dirt and dun dun dun... gravel.
Unfortunately we didnt have much fun this year. I dont think we'll be returning unless we have our own car to showcase someday. It really wasn't worth the drive for us.

We have waaaaay more fun at the Booze, Broads & Hotrods event they have goin on here in the bay area once a year. Definately lookin forward to the next one. =)

The only pic I took at MidnightMass this year:

The hubby & I...


  1. Your hair looks GREAT!!! I really haven't liked MM since 2007, and this is the first year I've skipped since 2006. I had to work on Saturday so I couldn't go.

    Thanks for the plug for BBH! I'm glad people appreciate our hard work :-)

  2. Your hair looks so pretty pink! And I love that you do your eyebrows the same color. It's the settle extras that make all the difference! I love your make up posts btw :)

  3. My question for you is, how do you get your curls to look so perfect? Whenever I curl my hair, they fall out almost immediately. :( But your hair is really cute.