Monday, May 2, 2011

4.30.11 & Booze, broads & hotrods

Saturday was the usual day at work.. minus the fact that it was my "official last day of assisting" at the salon. Yay! lol. So for now on I will be full time Tues - Sat, "on the floor" or shall I say "behind the chair" taking clients of my own for cuts, color, styling & makeup! Go me!
After work I headed back home to get ready to go to Booze, Broads & Hotrods later in the evening. The hubby and I were going to have another couple come along with us, but unfortunately after waiting around a couple hrs for them, they decided on not going. Supposedly my friend's bf was feeling sick.. but I have a hunch they chose not to go as it's just not their scene. I really wish my husband & I had more friends that were into the whole rockabilly/psychobilly music, culture & scene. It's so hard to find others in this area that share those interests!
I'm taking friend applications now if interested! lol.

So I guess the whole time I was at work, Darin, my dear hubby had been working hard to get the '62 Comet working well enough to drive over to Brisbane where BB&H was being held. Yea.. he wasn't planning on showing it off, but insisted if we were going to go, we HAD to take the comet to complete the night. hah!
So here we are, on our way...

We were a bit confused when we got to Brisbane.. I dunno, maybe we just had something else in mind on the location for the 23 Club venue. I almost felt like it was off the beaten path... ya know, like it was near SF, but then kinda hidden towards the hills I guess. Reminded me of the Niles district here in Fremont. Kinda on the outskirts, not so popular old part of town of Fremont.
The venue ended up bein pretty neat.. but again, not what I was expecting as the last 2 booze broads & hotrods I had attended were at the Clarion Hotel in Millbrae.. which = more room for cars, vendors, dancing, & aimless wandering around. 
The music was good, people were nice.. my husband even scored a couple free drinks off some douchebag at the bar who just felt like giving out drinks. lol. 
I had a couple drinks myself.. of course I kept it classy though. I'm not one for stumbling around and making a fool of myself. Unfortunately for me, and many others.... drinking any sort of liquids while out at events makes for eventual bathroom breaks in the near future. I think that's when I started getting irritated with the whole place. For so many people attending this thing there was only 1 ladies room that I saw and it only had 2 bathroom stalls... which meant LONG lines. 
If there's one thing that drives me crazy when going to bars & lounges.. its lack of bathrooms!!
I was near pissing my pants while waiting in line & about to use the men's room cuz I had to go that bad. Fortunately nothing of that sort happened. I did get irritated when I noticed a couple of girls ahead of me deciding on having an amateur photo op in the bathroom and thus holding up the line even longer. Common, wtf.. pee, or drop your load & then get the fuck out. Be curtious to others about to pee their pants!!
After that 1st bathroom break, I kinda got an idea for what any other future bathroom breaks were going to be like and pretty much stopped my liquid intake. =( We stayed for awhile longer but after another bathroom stop I think my husband noticed my bathroom situation frustration and we ended up leaving. Kinda sucked to leave early, but at the same time I am able to say I enjoyed the time we DID spend there (minus the bathrooms lol).
I think had we had friends to join us we might have stayed longer.. but I think the combo of the crowding, lack of friends (that sounds so sad), & bathroom situation we were content with cutting the night short. 
We ended up going to In&Out for a super late dinner then going home & passing out. 

Even though the night wasn't GREAT, I still had fun. It's always nice to go to events like these where everyone else around you is just like you. It's fun being able to walk into a venue & feel like you just did a time warp. To know that the people around you like the same things you like.. to know you're not being judged because we look like we're from the "wrong era." =)