Tuesday, March 30, 2010


omg my hair is now just a lil longer than shoulder length.
This is going to take some getting used to.
but it had to be done.
I had to lure myself away from the mullet and closen up the layers rather than having a million layers and rock the rod stewart mullet no more.
so yes, i did it last night.
Darin didnt want me to... but funny thing is, I made him cut the length. hahaha.
I dont trust many people with my hair, and I really dont feel like spending a buttload of money on a haircut right now, so I instructed him on what to do, had him cut the length & then finished off the cut myself.
i'm so good. hahahah

I still have short layers up top, but at least it's not so much of a difference in length. I need to figure out some new styles now.

yellow&black fotd

I havent been doing any fun makeup lately.. but here's an fotd from a few weekends ago...

Monday, March 29, 2010


I feel so UGH today.
Kinda like there's nothing to look forward to.
I cant wait to move out of San Francisco and back into the East Bay. ... yea, we're not too far, but I have nothing here in SF. No friends, no job, no fun.
Yea there's a bunch to do in the city.. but it seems like more so if I was single, or had lots of money.
I hate public transportation, and I cant drive where I want to go because either there is no parking, or parking lots cost mucho dinero.
Plus.. like I said, none of my friends are here, and no one wants to make the 45min/1hr drive up here. =(
And whats the point of finding a job here if I dont even plan on working up here... I HATED commuting and dont plan on doing it again. Fuck the crowded BART.
But also.. I hate our neighbors.. so i cant wait to get out of this 1bdrm apt .. can't wait to rent a HOUSE.
Seems like every time I talk to my friends theyre anxiously waiting for me to come back as well.
Jeebus.. make the days go by faster.

But I also just feel I dunno, mopey, today. Kinda achey.. kinda just want to sleep my days away. And its gloomy out today. What happened to all the sun we were getting??! =(
And I feel exceptionally fat.
I'm gaining weight unfortunately =( and every time I try to do something about it, its just so difficult to stick to.. or I dont see any kind of results and then I get discouraged.
life is lame right now.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


So Darin took today off for a dr. appt. & to try and go to the court in SF to file a small claims case against the breeder in which we got Oscar our miniature schnauzer. Yea, well, turns out they told him he couldn't file the claim here, and has to do it in Merced.
Grr.. this really makes me angry.
The fucking breeder pisses me off.. If we have to go to Merced to do this, then its really not worth it.
The whole reason why we were going to file a claim against her is because upon getting Oscar, I took him to the vet for a wellness check up and because I noticed he was scratching his ear a lot and had a bit of blood in his stool. Well after the vet visit, turns out he had an ear infection, and after a fecal examination, he also had Giardiasis.. which happens to be an infectiuous intenstinal parasite. So upon finding this out, we let the breeder know, since Oscar must have had all this happen at her place, and also to let her know in case any of her other pups may have the parasite. Now also, after looking this up online, I found out there is a puppy lemon law & that cases in which your new puppy is sick, costs should be taken care of by the breeder and not the new owner. We agree that it is somewhat our responsibility, but since this happened at the breeders, we feel she should take care of the costs as it all adds up.
Giardiasis can be hard to take care of as it spreads easily & can be spread to humans. We were told we have to launder any bedding, and keep everything clean.. which is hard with a new pup.. and We also have a cat, so we were worried he'd get it too. I also read that reoccurance is common so that worried us even more. How much of treatment are we going to get stuck with.
Anways, Darin let the breeder know, and he asked her for reimbursment and she told us to fax her the medical records. We did, and guess what her response was... oh, I never got it. Ok, fine.. we certified mailed her copies.. to the address that was on the receipt Darin was given... which then got returned back to us, and so we had another address on her AKC papers and sent some more copies to her.. in which this time we received receipt that she had received the papers. And guess what this time... oh, that must have been to my daughters house and not mine. That was the last time Darin heard from her. He phone called her and left messages for her, and never a response. He even left her a message letting her know that we would take legal action.
How annoying is this? It's not the amount of money that bothers me.. (its not even THAT much) but its the fact that this woman is being uncooperative. ARGH!

Darin is going to try and go back to the SF court tomorrow and see if he could possibly file the claim here, since after all, we found out and Oscar had been treated for the giardia and ear ache here.
So we'll see.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

bandana tutorial

Since it was rainy & shitty outside, I decided to make a simple bandana style tutorial...

Monday, March 1, 2010

I miss this car and I want it back =(

My old 1963 Mercury Comet

It sucks that at the time I had her I was jobless, therefor I didnt have the money to keep her up. I WAS beginning to restore it.. and what was nice was during the time I had it Darin was in school for auto technicians so he got to work on it for free. I had the seats reupholstered.. to that seafoam green and a darker teal green. They were sweet. I wish I took more pictures of the car.
I fixed some problems it was having with the gas tank and some major electrical problems. The major thing that made me give it up was somethin was up with the transmission.. and that would have cost me a pretty penny to take care of.
If only I had it now, I would be able to afford that baby.. and repairs would most likely be for free now that Darin has 6+ years under his belt with cars.
*sigh* =(

One of these days I will have you back.. or perhaps something like the one my sister had.. '62 Mercury Comet... yea, after I got mine, my older sister found one, same color too! We totally raped the owner for it too.. got it at a steal of $1200 when he was asking $2000.. that car was in grrrreat condition...my mad hagglin skills. haha.

One of these days...