Monday, March 1, 2010

I miss this car and I want it back =(

My old 1963 Mercury Comet

It sucks that at the time I had her I was jobless, therefor I didnt have the money to keep her up. I WAS beginning to restore it.. and what was nice was during the time I had it Darin was in school for auto technicians so he got to work on it for free. I had the seats reupholstered.. to that seafoam green and a darker teal green. They were sweet. I wish I took more pictures of the car.
I fixed some problems it was having with the gas tank and some major electrical problems. The major thing that made me give it up was somethin was up with the transmission.. and that would have cost me a pretty penny to take care of.
If only I had it now, I would be able to afford that baby.. and repairs would most likely be for free now that Darin has 6+ years under his belt with cars.
*sigh* =(

One of these days I will have you back.. or perhaps something like the one my sister had.. '62 Mercury Comet... yea, after I got mine, my older sister found one, same color too! We totally raped the owner for it too.. got it at a steal of $1200 when he was asking $2000.. that car was in grrrreat mad hagglin skills. haha.

One of these days...

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  1. I was on a love affair with a comet too. Quite my ex fella was hard, but quite the comet also.
    Check on my blog, i have put some pics.
    Before the 1965 he has got the same from 1963.
    Funny to find one here.

    I just found your blog, waouh i very impressionned by your make up ! I never success to have two lines of eyeliner similar !!!