Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We found Lucille's older sister!...

Meet Joanie...

Our "new" 1962 Mercury Comet. =)
If you go back a few posts, I talked a bit about my "Lucille".. my old 1963 Mercury Comet and how I ended up giving her up. Ever since then, Darin & I have tried looking around for Comets but either never had the funds or never found the right ONE.
Fortunately Darin knows a whole lot more about cars now and has more experience as a mechanic now & felt it was time to start searching. He was actually thinking about getting a truck or a falcon ranchero but found this beauty on craigslist and I guess it was love at first sight with those two. lol.
It's kinda neat.. when Darin was attending Auto technician school he learned a lot on my old Lucille and now, he gets to utilize all that he's learned over the years into Joanie.
The car actually runs pretty well, of course it's got a few minor things to be worked on, but nothing Darin can't handle. The body is pretty straight and for now is a beigy golden color. Interior is alright, seats had been reupholstered recently but in a fabric (something we'll probably end up changing later on) and will do for now.
Kinda excited to have another Comet in our life =)