Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We found Lucille's older sister!...

Meet Joanie...

Our "new" 1962 Mercury Comet. =)
If you go back a few posts, I talked a bit about my "Lucille".. my old 1963 Mercury Comet and how I ended up giving her up. Ever since then, Darin & I have tried looking around for Comets but either never had the funds or never found the right ONE.
Fortunately Darin knows a whole lot more about cars now and has more experience as a mechanic now & felt it was time to start searching. He was actually thinking about getting a truck or a falcon ranchero but found this beauty on craigslist and I guess it was love at first sight with those two. lol.
It's kinda neat.. when Darin was attending Auto technician school he learned a lot on my old Lucille and now, he gets to utilize all that he's learned over the years into Joanie.
The car actually runs pretty well, of course it's got a few minor things to be worked on, but nothing Darin can't handle. The body is pretty straight and for now is a beigy golden color. Interior is alright, seats had been reupholstered recently but in a fabric (something we'll probably end up changing later on) and will do for now.
Kinda excited to have another Comet in our life =)


  1. I like the green color! Im constantly searching craiglist and whatnot for an oldie, my dream car is an Edsel wagon. Im just a little scared b/c I have no mechanic skills lol

  2. aww im so glad you found your car! looking at this post made me want to keep my falcon and get ti running again!

  3. Hi Vivian! I love your blog, I recently became you 96th follower :D I would love if you could check out my fashion and beauty blog and I would love it even more if you followed me <3 thanks, Laura :) xx

  4. damn, that is ballin'. my dream car is a '44 studebaker. black. white wash wheels. oh, yeah.
    <3 mode.