Monday, January 3, 2011

Let's try this again...

After Christmas , well, even the couple months before, I've been trying to get back on the get healthy wagon but haven't had much luck yet =(.
I thought I was eating healthier, and I for sure was working my ass off at the gym 5x a day.. but I guess it's just not enough for me.
So after christmas, I decided to start eating even MORE healthy and continue working my ass off at the gym & to see how that goes. It's been about a week since I've been REALLY watching what Im eating. It's a lil hard.. but I feel better about what I'm putting into my mouth.
I also want to get back into running. I usually do alternating fast/slow on the elliptical at the gym but it gets boring day in day out & have been wanting to change it up. Ive been trying out other cardio equipment.. stairs.. yea, fail. My knees are no good at it and I get so sweaty I feel like I have no grip in my hands and am afraid I'm just going to fall off one day. Stationary bike.. boring. I guess if I were to do a spin class it'd be effective, but yea.. I work out at diff times, so it wouldnt work out. Plus the seat hurts my butt.
I recently saw a program called the "couch to 5k" and thought I'd try it out. Its designed to slowly get you back into running, by doing intervals of running & walking that way it eases you in. You build endurance & speed & all that stuff. I used to run but then when I started working in SF, I had no time for it and when living in SF, I was lazy. =(
So today was my first day. I guess it consists of 9 weeks, 3x a week.. and today was the 1x. I was afraid at first. I kept thinking about my knees & how sometimes even walking up stairs they give out. I kept envisioning myself getting on the treadmill & flying off of it because of too much speed. I kept wondering if I was even going to be able to run/walk the whole 30minutes.
Yea, well, I did it.

 It was MUCH easier than I thought itd be. I almost felt it was a lil too easy. Run 30 seconds, walk 90 & repeat for 20minutes. I felt like I should have been running more than 30 seconds, and I did at first, but decided to just stick with the program. I didnt want to push myself into running on my own program & then finding out the next day or even later that my knees were killing me or I did something wrong. So yea.. it actually consisted of 28minutes, but I walked until I reached 2miles, which ended up being like 32 minutes. Even after that though, I still didnt feel like I worked out much, so I jumped on the elliptical & did my fast/slow intervals for another 30minutes and then weight lifted for 45minutes. Hopefully I'll stick the the c25k thing. It'd be nice to be able to run for a good about of time without stopping. Maybe changing up the cardio will do me some good.
I swear, if my new eating habits & cardio do not do anything for me then I am doomed & my life sucks. lol. I am doing a complete 180 with eating and pushing myself harder when exercising so I DESERVE some change in my freakin weight. argh! We'll see....

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  1. good for you darling..keep up the good works..I know what you mean I feel all bloated from eating roast dinners at the holidays..all they love eating here is i been hitting my bike and wearing my slimming faja.