Monday, March 29, 2010


I feel so UGH today.
Kinda like there's nothing to look forward to.
I cant wait to move out of San Francisco and back into the East Bay. ... yea, we're not too far, but I have nothing here in SF. No friends, no job, no fun.
Yea there's a bunch to do in the city.. but it seems like more so if I was single, or had lots of money.
I hate public transportation, and I cant drive where I want to go because either there is no parking, or parking lots cost mucho dinero.
Plus.. like I said, none of my friends are here, and no one wants to make the 45min/1hr drive up here. =(
And whats the point of finding a job here if I dont even plan on working up here... I HATED commuting and dont plan on doing it again. Fuck the crowded BART.
But also.. I hate our neighbors.. so i cant wait to get out of this 1bdrm apt .. can't wait to rent a HOUSE.
Seems like every time I talk to my friends theyre anxiously waiting for me to come back as well.
Jeebus.. make the days go by faster.

But I also just feel I dunno, mopey, today. Kinda achey.. kinda just want to sleep my days away. And its gloomy out today. What happened to all the sun we were getting??! =(
And I feel exceptionally fat.
I'm gaining weight unfortunately =( and every time I try to do something about it, its just so difficult to stick to.. or I dont see any kind of results and then I get discouraged.
life is lame right now.

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  1. I feel ya! Can't wait to get out of the place I'm at either. I hope you'll be able to say goodbye to SF soon!