Saturday, February 27, 2010


This morning Darin found out Oscar lost another puppy toof!
lol. So now he's missing his two front teeth. aww we have a little first grader. haha.

We had a pretty nice day today. We went and took Oscar for a long walk. It was neat cuz on our way to Alta Plaza Park here in SF, it was drizzling but at the same time the sun was out and it was a pretty nice temperature out. So yea, we went to the park and Oscar got to have some fun. He met a little terrier that was also 5months old an they played with eachother. I really need to get on Oscar's training though.. the dog he met was the same age as he but already playing off his leash. I would NOT trust Oscar off his leash at all yet. He gets too excited and tries to run off to other dogs but since he's on the leash he just pulls. So imagine him OFF the leash. man.
Yea so we just walked around the park and let him meet other dogs and then we went to Fillmore St. to get some snacky foods from Johnny Rockets. Darin got us some fries+onion rings and some buffalo wings. I HATE any kind of chicken wing/bbq rib.. when I saw chicken on the menu I thought it was chicken strips.
I just hate the mess you make when eating wings/ribs and I feel like you have to work so hard and makin a mess so much to just get a teeeeeny bit of food off the bone and its just not worth it. Plus I dont like getting messy.. I even hate sticking my hands into chip bags. ew.
Anyways, after we got our food I went to the MAC store real quick. Yay, got me some pro longwear lipcolors and 2 mineralized blushes. God, I'm such an addict.

Then it was back to the park to snack on our food and back home. Oscar is now sleeping like a baby.. along with Darin. lol.
Fun day. I actually enjoy days like these even though they seem like things Old people would do. whatever. I dont care.

And todays look:

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