Friday, February 12, 2010

2.12.10 Makeup

Todays fotd:

(last pic is before I put lashes on)

NYX white eyeshadow base
MAC sea me shadestick
MAC deep truth es
MAC blue pigment
MAC sushi flower es
MAC passionate es
MAC Prussian es
MAC Carbon es
MAC Brule es
MAC Vanilla es

MAC Dame blush
MAC Dancing Light loose beauty powder

MAC Pink Plaid lipstick

Would anyone know of a good WATERPROOF eye/lip liner I could use for my brows??
Im currently using MAC sketch es + sushiflower es + water based mixing medium... but sometimes Its just a hassle to do.. I'm thinking a pencil set with powder would be much easier.. but I dont know of any myself.
Ive tried MakeupForever's waterproof eyeliner pencil in i believe it was plum.. but i just haaaate the texture and its NOT water/smudge proof like it claims to be.

If anyone has a suggestion, I appreciate it. Thanks!


  1. Wow, really pretty eye makeup!!

    Got your comment on my page and my response - have you tried a good base coat? ;) Read my first post... I recommend the Orly Bonder Base Coat. It's rubberized so everything sticks to it! Hope it works for ya.

    I'm following you now! Keep up the great blog :)

  2. Beautiful look. What brand are the lashes/where did you get them? If you got them online I'd love to know the link. Would really appreciate it! thanks. :)