Friday, February 12, 2010


Do songs ever bring back memories for you?
Or maybe just thoughts youve had whilst listening to a particular song?
Its funny how that works.
You can be overcome with emotions. Just froma song. Or even a lyric.

Sometimes I feel bad when it happens.
Like I'm thinking things I shouldnt be.
Or thinking about people I shouldnt be.
Or like Im feeling a feeling I just shouldnt be.

Im truly happy in my life right now.
But sometimes I just cant help wondering, how it could have been.
What if I made a different decision looooooooooong ago?
How would things have been?
Would things be better? Or maybe worse?

I get lost in these thoughts.
Just for that couple of minutes.

Oh well, the songs over.
I'm happy where I'm at and thats all that matters.

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