Friday, February 26, 2010

ugh so im spending yet another day... alone. =(
I hate when Darin leaves me here allll day long. Well, its not his fault, he works in the day, and unfortunately I dont. Puppy still has bad separation anxiety and that + stupid downstairs neighbors would not mix well if I were to leave him here alone.
So yea, its not often Darin goes out, but it just kinda sucks that I'm spending the whole day by myself since he's goin out for his friends bday.
Unfortunately Ive learned who my friends really are... its nice to know that since Ive moved none will come visit me up here in Sf.. =( and it seems like the friends Ive had from my old job here in Sf have forgotten about me. Poop.
I feel like being crafty. I really want to learn how to sew on the sewing machine. Ive looked into classes, but they just seem too expensive for me at the moment. I bought myself a sewing machine.. but still, its hard to do on my own. And plus, with the puppy, if I even tried to pull out the fabric pieces and thread Ive been working on for an apron, I'm sure he wouldnt leave me alone and would tear that shit apart.

I really want to go to MAC. I know, I shouldnt be spending my money on makeup... but I really want to get me some more Pro Longwear lipcolors. Those things last foreeeeeever on the lips, which makes nice for never having to touch up the lips and worry about smudges or lipstick on the teef.


  1. OH YES!! I am so glad you have a blog like this!!! I wear only MAC since I have a pro card since I am a hair stylist ( YES DISCOUNT) and I love to see what colors everyone wears! especially with red lips... I am a Ruby Woo myself :) Also as far as your dog goes... you need to crate train that dog ASAP!!! honestly it will save your life !!! my dog is crate trained and at first i hated doing it because I thought it was mean but now when hes bored he goes into his little crate rather then barking. google it!!

  2. oh i know what you mean about the pro discount... Ive got my cosmetology license as well.. so that 30% off sure does help!

    Ive tried crate training my dog.. he actually likes sleeping in it for naps, and gets excited to go in it at night.. but trying to leave him in there mid day.. gets the crying going. The problem is actually more than just him... Id love to be able to leave him and just let him cry his head off so (as books have been saying I should do).. ya know, tough love.. but unforutnately our downstairs neighbors are assholes who complain about EVERY and ANY kind of "loud" noise they hear.. so I dont want to get into it with them by letting the puppy scream. They've even gone the length to calling the cops on us for vaccuming christmas tree remnants at 9p at night =(
    We're definately looking to rent a house come June when our lease is up.. so I guess until then I'm stuck here trying to teach this pup to get used to bein alone by walkin out of his sight and takin baby steps with him =(