Friday, August 27, 2010

Neat Finds

So I thought I'd do a lil post on some neat things I've recently found through craigslist...

I posted not too long ago about trying to find a chrome & formica table on craigslist & how I had JUST missed a full set by a phone call 2 minutes ahead of me.. well, I finally found one:

Such a score.. and at a really cheap price! It's in great shape, and an actual Virtue Brothers table. The chairs however were not included and are actually a set(from Target) we had received as a wedding present last year. They'll do for now.

Oh and did you spot that lil cart in the background?... yep... our very own Cosco kitchen cart! Another cheap score! =)

I'll have to make a cover for that hideous microwave.

And another neat thing for our kitchen...
An Osterizer blender

$10 bucks! Works good too.

We also might be getting an old 1950s stove.. apparently Darin's grandmother hoards her old appliances in her garage and upon visiting her recently, Darin discovered she still had her old stove in there and asked if we could have it. She said yes, but she's not sure if it's still in good working condition. We'll have to check it out and also see if it'll work with our kitchen. Hopefully!!

Now that we are living in a house.. and have 2 extra rooms, we've decided to make one of the rooms my "hair & makeup" room so that I can take clients in there rather than the kitchen... and guess what I scored...
a Vanity!

I have no idea how old it is.. but I thought it was cute & couldnt pass it up as it was only offered for $30.
And to complete my "work station".. a styling chair!

I also scored a pretty big mirror to put up that I had found right before moving from SF. It was just sitting against the stairwell on the sidewalk outside our apartment and I knew I'd be able to use it. So I just picked it up and said you're coming with me! =)
I'll have to find a small lounge sofa to put in the room as it's still kinda empty, and it would be very helpful if clients brought along friends. I'm thinking of finding some neat pictures of old movie starlets to put up on the walls.. something that gives that old hollywood glamour feel to the room.

Oh and here's another thing I scored.. not off of craigslist but from a little antique shop in Niles, Fremont...well, actually my husband found it while rummaging through one of the stores...

We just bought it cuz we liked the looks of it.. but after doin a little research, it happens to be a 1947 Revere Chime electric clock. It works too.. sittin on our mantle for now.

We're also slowly trying to add older piece of furniture to our living room in exchange for the more modern pieces we have.. its a slow process, but it's coming along. We just found a green & gold? couch that I believe could be from the early '60s.. no tears, rips, or stains.. I'll have to post a picture of it after we clean it.. it's a lil dusty right now, and the arm rests show a lil dirt on em. Other than that, after a cleaning, it should be close to new!

Neat finds, huh?


  1. Love this post! We are both decorating our new homes. Isnt it fun? I have those same black chairs, but my car scratched them to hell. I should shoot her before they take my guns away. Whaaa haaaa haaaa. I think we would get along just fine!

    Keep up the great posts. I am just decorating my vanity room, and like to hear about other people doing it too. Being a girl is so much fun!

    So glad to meet you!


  2. Great finds - I think your chairs go really well with the table. Just goes to show, if you miss one opportunity, another is just round the corner!