Sunday, August 15, 2010


So today, Darin & I spent a bit of our day browsing through the antique stores in the Niles district of Fremont, Ca. I Loooove browsing through the little shops on Niles blvd., there's always neat things to look at & pine over. Some of the shops there are soo cluterred with stuff, there's no knowing what gems are hidden. I usually find some neat things hidding throughout the shops. Didnt get anything this time.. saw some things I wanted, but not necessarily things I needed. Can't wait til the Niles Antique fair at the end of the month though... I'm hoping I'll run into something I HAVE to have. =)
Unfortuantely, I didnt get any pics of my day out today.. I've always wanted to take a couple photos, but my camera was dead today.

If any of you didnt know, here's a brief history of Niles:

Niles was established in the 1850's and was a junction point of the Southern Pacific Railroad lines from Oakland to San Jose and southern coastal points.Vallejo's Mill was the first flourishing flour mill constructed and completed in this country. It was run by water conducted in a long flume from Alameda Creek. Niles at one time was noted for the location of the California Nursery, the largest nursery in California, with the largest rose plantation in the state.

In 1912, Essanay Studios was at the height of its movie making fame. The studio, owned by Broncho Billy, made famous movies of the time starring Charlie Chaplin, Wallace Beery and Ben Turpin. Many cowboy adventures were filmed through Niles Canyon and along the main streets of Niles.


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