Monday, September 13, 2010

9.12.10 Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge

So this weekend was pretty uneventful.. but yesterday kinda stirred up the uneventfulness I guess...
after doing a whole lot of nothing, I had seen a couple flyers for some "event" being held at the Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge in Alameda, Ca.. I guess there was to be a car show, some music, & drink specials..

I had never been to the lounge before, but have always heard things about it and wanted to check it out so reading up on this "event", I though it would give us reason to finally go. So my husband & I decided to go and brought along my friend, Ysel...
The car show was pretty lame & only involved like 6 cars... so we all decide to head on inside & get our drink on. =)
I ordered a Chamborlada which was supposed to be like a pina colada topped with chambord. It was actually pretty good.. we all agreed that it kind of tasted like a liquid version of Ambrosia salad.
Ysel got a "Comb Over" complete with a rat tail comb lol & Darin got a "Zombie".
Since we were able to score a table & seats we decided to share a Scorpion Bowl which got us nice & buzzed especially on our empty stomachs. That led us into a 2nd Scorpion Bowl & of course.. some cheese sticks & chicken strips to munch on.
The venue was pretty cool.. I'd go there agian. Darin signed up for their Red Devil Kill (or something like that) which is something like you have to try 97 types of rum and if you complete it you get a plaque on the wall with your name on it.. so I guess we'll be frequenting this place in the future.. which is good though, because I enjoyed myself, the decor & just over all feel of the place.

And for some pictures of our night...

Ysel & her "Comb Over" drink

The Comb Over

Darin & his Zombie lol

Myself with my Chamborlada

Scorpion Bowl!

The 3 of us sharing the Scorpion Bowl (ysel not pictured except for her straw)

Yea.. after the 2nd Scorpion bowl.. I missed the drink & sipped the cheesestick marinara sauce. Ugh lol

Ysel scratchin my back with a back scratcher ahhhhh. lol

I thought the dollar bills on the ceiling were neat...
I guess it was an ol' tradition when sailors were shipped off they would write their names on a bill & pin it up on the ceiling that way when they came back, theyd have money to buy their drink.

And one of Darin & I outside...


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  1. I love that place! I still haven't been to Smugglers cove in San Francisco, I'd like to check out that bar.