Sunday, December 5, 2010

A slow work in progress...

Darin has had this ugly old leather couch set with coffee tables that his friend had given him when he moved into his first apartment.. but since we've moved into our own house now, we've been wanting to *try* and decorate with a mid century theme...
A couple months ago we found a neat green (I'm thinking) 1960s couch but kept it in our garage until we could score more pieces of furniture to make a somewhat complete living room rather than mix & match with our old cruddy stuff. Last weekend we found a 1950s Kroehler side chair on craigslist .. not in the best shape.. but it was a steal & I figured if the upholstery was horrible I could always make a slip cover for it til I could scrounge up some money to either reupholster it or find something to replace it. We also found an atomic looking side table off of craigslist as well and yet again for a pretty good price.
Since we now have a couch, a  chair & a small table, we figured with the christmas tree in the house our living room would be somewhat filled so we decided to move all the furniture in and out with the old ..or uh new?

The table is a bit small to remain a main coffee table.. but it'll do for now. Our Kroehler chair.. who I've named Hobart.. yes, I like to name my inanimate objects ok.. it gives them personality!... seems to be winking at the camera as he is missing a button ;(.
I eventually would like to get 2 side chairs that match & some atomic side tables.. but hey, the chair & table were pretty freakin cheap, so for the time being, why not? =)
I also scored a pretty neat chrome & teal bread box from the woman who sold me the Kroehler chair... I saw it sitting right on top of her garbage can & asked if she were getting rid of it and she was just like 'yea, you want it'.. uh yea.. of course! So I got it for freeeee. I'm thinking of stripping the teal paint & repainting it red or black to match our kitchen theme.

We also picked up some neat black with white snowflakes pyrex dishes from an antique store.. thought they were cool as I've never seen all black ones before. Found some cute chrome & black salt & pepper shakers on etsy too that look like our kitchen canisters.

Darin & I were hoping to make it to the monthly Alameda Antique fair today.. but opted not to as it looked like rain was in the near future and plus.. after buying 8 freakin boxes of christmas lights to decorate the outside of our house.. plus other decorations... it was probably best NOT going and spending more $$$ this weekend. I guess we'll just have to wait til next month.. next year.. to go to the next one. Maybe, hopefully, I'll get some christmas money to spend on some more nic nacs & furnishings for our home.
It's a slow work in progress...


  1. I have that same breadbox!

    House is looking good!

  2. Love the furniture! Craigslist is such a great website for buying stuff for cheap.

  3. Love it! I love the color of that bread box! it matches my kithen. ha ha.

  4. Woah that Christmas tree is beautiful and it doesn't even have decorations yet! I can just imagine how nice it smells <3 Unless is a plastic one xD