Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Last saturday's wedding

So this last Saturday I did some hair & makeup for a wedding. I kind of dreaded it, but mostly because it was a bit far from SF which meant I had to wake up early. The wedding was in Scotts Valley, which is near Santa Cruz, CA. Sometimes it takes me 1.5hrs just to get to Newark when there is traffic, so I gave myself 2hrs to get to SV but since there was no traffic, I actually got there in 1hr. So it wasnt that bad.
I started out on the Maid of Honor...

This is Angela, with her hair set in barrel curls:

and after her hair & makeup was complete:

(I forgot to add lipstick in this one)

Next was Wendy, the bride:


She was havin a lil fun here in this pic as she thought she looked like an old 1050s maid with her hair set in barrel curls whilst wearing a satin robe.

After hair & makeup:

I'm so mad my camera battery decided to tell me it was dying the instant I started taking pics of the MOH, so I had to ration out my pics between the two of them. So unfortunately these are all the pics I got of them. The thing that sucks about my camera is that it ONLY tells me that my battery is low, minutes before it actually dies. It doesnt have a battery life bar to let me know when its actually going low. =(

I also did some hair & makeup for my sister in-law later that evening, but didnt get any pics on my camera & had to rely on my father in-law to take a couple of pics, so I have to wait to get those from him.

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  1. you did a beautiful job! my husbands in the navy & we might be moving to Monterey. I hope we do I'd love to drive to SF & have you do my hair & makeup. You are so talented!