Monday, March 28, 2011

Bye bye couch...

I dont think I ever posted on here.. but a month or so ago I found yet another neat vintage couch on craigslist:

 It's a 5 piece sectional but one of the 1-seater sections needs to be repaired so we've been using just 4 pieces. It looks a lot like a kroehler couch.. but I haven't found any tags or stamps that verifies that for sure.
As much as I love the LOOK of it.. I think we're going to sell it. Its a bit uncomfy for my taste and I think it will eventually need to be reupholstered. At this moment I dont have the funds to recushion/reupholster so I think it would be better to sell it in hopes that another vintage furniture lover can give it the love it deserves. So up on craigslist it's going. =(

We also scored a set of coffee tables on CL...

2 side tables and one large coffee table.. all for $20! Neato. We'll be keeping these bad boys =)

I have a feeling we will NEVER be finished with moving into our place. I feel that we are constantly scouring craigslist, antique fairs & shops looking to add new things to our home. It could be seen as bad... but I guess it could be a nice change as well. I get tired of people, places & things SOOoo quickly.. that maybe this would be a good thing for me. A change of scenery.

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  1. That's a great couch! Also, I never thought about looking on craigslist to find vintage