Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Sunday kind of love...

This last Sunday I had the honor of doing an ex-coworker's hair & makeup for her wedding. I also got to do her Maid of Honor's h&mu as well which was fun as any time people I know ask me to do their hair & makeup for major events... it makes me feel wanted & needed. =) It makes me feel good to know that someone out there is really amazed and impressed wth my work.
Here are the 2 lovely ladies:

Tiffany (Maid of Honor), before

Tiffany, after

Alex (Bride), before

Alex (Bride), after

I had so much fun doing hair & makeup for these two ladies. A funny thing too, while I was doing my finishing touches on Alex, Tiffany asked her if she was going to cry at her wedding to which Alex replied no. Alex was so composed the whole time I was getting the two ready and wasn't nervous or scared at all. I told her I didnt cry during my ceremony, but walking down the aisle was the hardest part as that is when I really felt the tears coming on. I couldnt even look at my soon to be husband or the audience as all that, plus the song I had picked to walk down to got me going and I had to hold my head down to fight back the tears. Alex laughed and as we were talking she was so convinced that her fiance would be the one crying at the "alter". Yea... well... as a guest at her wedding, I can tell you, as soon as she walked out of those double doors, Alex was BAWLING as she was escorted down the aisle. It was cute, sad & happy all at the same time. Happy mostly, as you knew whilst watching her walk down that those were tears of happiness. You know.. tears of disbelief... as in she probably never though this day would come and it's finally happening and she's just so happy. Even through her vows you could hear Alex sob, which then got her fiance crying as well. It was really a happy time.
I was kicking myself later though as I had failed to bring my makeup kit with me to the wedding for touchups. I was so conviced Alex wasn't going to cry!! Luckily she took her professional photos BEFORe the ceremony and wasn't bothered by any wear she had put on her makeup.

At the wedding I also had the opportunity to see some of the other ex-coworkers of mine from Joseph Cozza salon. It was nice to catch up but an even better feeling getting complimented from them all about Alex's hair & makeup. I never really felt like many of the people I used to work with even cared about my talent. I felt like I was just another assistant trying to make her way in the beauty field. I was a little scared that they might have been thinking "SHE's doing Alex's hair and makeup? why HER?" But after all those compliments, my mind was at ease and almost like I had approval. (I dont know why I felt I needed anyone's approval)
What touched me even more was when the makeup artist from JoCo came up to me and told me I did a great job.. but that he KNEW I would do a great job when Alex first mentioned I would be doing her h&mu and didn't have a doubt in his mind that I couldn't do a job well done.
I wasn't close to the makeup artist, but I kind of looked up to him. He somewhat took me under his wing a bit while I was working at JoCo and gave me tips & tricks of the makeup trade & always told me he saw talent in me... that he knew I would go somehwere with my talent as long as I put my mind to it. So hearing that compliment from him at the wedding was like the cherry to my night. I could finally stop worrying about what everyone else was thinking and I for sure then KNEW I had done and achieved my best.
A great night & great experience to actually see my work in action.


  1. Beautiful AND talented you are! You did curls with an iron and then rolled them up and secured with a pincurl clip? How long did you let them set?

  2. Congradulations!
    You've been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award!!
    I just wanna say keep on blogging and i shall keep following!!