Thursday, July 29, 2010


I really need to find a job.
Ugh.. its been a year though, and Im so used to NOT working now. I really dont want to go back.
Plus, I feel like I'm kinda stuck.. I kinda dont want to go back to working at a salon... especially cuz I feel like I've invested so much time "training" as an assistant.. now do I really want to do it all over again at another salon? Reason for me saying all over again.. is the 1st 2 yrs I assisted & was on the floor partime doing cuts & color.. I was still learning. I still had help formulating. Then when I invested 2 more years at another salon in San Francisco.. it was ONLY for haircutting. Now that I'm back in the east bay, I really dont want to do the commute back to SF and since researching salons on this side of the bay, Ive noticed most salons DONT specialize in color or cut.. most do both. Also Ive noticed a lot of salons rent chairs out rather than offer commission. .... Yea I know the basics of color, but I wouldnt feel confident enough to just go on the floor and start coloring & highlighting away. I feel like I need more education on that.. but where am I to get it.. without spending 92837492374 dollars on classes... or assisting ... again. Do I really want to do another year or 2 again.. for minimum wage... might I add which is like 1-2 dollars less than what is paid in SF.
Even if I was to give in and assist again.. then I start thinkin about my future. Darin & I want to have kids within the next 2 years. So lets say I did assist & it did take me 1-2 yrs to finally get on the floor.. now what if I got pregnant? Then I go on maternity leave.. and lose whatever small clientele I built up?? Then when I go back to work, I'll be back to square 1 it seems.
Then I start thinking about maybe exploring into baking & pastry since I did originally go to school for that... eh.. its a thought, but I'm not sure if I'd really enjoy it.
Then I start thinking about maybe a makeup counter... ehh.. but then its retail hours. I really would like a job with a set schedule. Not knowing when & what days I'll work til the next weeks schedule comes out isn't something I really want to put up with.
Then I start thinking about an office job.. it might pay a lot better.. but then what about my hair? My makeup? Wear wigs to work? Theres no way I'm going to just go black after working so hard to get my hair to pink! lol.
And then I think, what if I did go into these other options.. then what would happen to hair? I know I'd miss it. I know there's still more I want to learn.. but is it even worth it?
I dont know.
I really need to figure out what I'm going to do.
Maybe I'm looking too much into it? ... but isnt that what you have to do when you have a future.. when its not just single you anymore??

I wish I could have a job in which I just look at pretty vintage things, find them & resell them... without using my own money. haha. i wish.

hmph =(


  1. I think you should rent a chair in the East Bay, and I am sure the other stylists will help you with your color at first until you are comfortable, build up your clientel then when you go on maternity leave, cut/color out of your home to make $ on the side? Most women get like 6 weeks leave. Which is not too long for customers to have to wait IMO. Plus as long as you warn them they can schedule around your leave.

  2. Have you thought about being a mobile stylist? I'm not sure how common that is in the US, but we have a lot in England. I'm sure you would be snapped up by busy parents and shiftworkers - or those who just prefer not to go to a salon. I have had a mobile stylist for 8 years :)

  3. eh.. i dunno about renting. I havent any clientele and it usually takes awhile to gather some up.. so if I were to rent, I'd probably be paying a few hundred for nothing at first... which I dont think I could afford at the moment unfortunately.

    I do something similar to a mobile stylist right now.. I freelance in both hair & makeup.. doing gigs like weddings, proms, haircuts, makeup.. that sorta thing. Unfortunately it just isnt consistant right now.

  4. Another option is to do special events hair. I have a friend who isn't licensed and she does hair and make up on the weekends for weddings and special events. The studio she works for pays her for the preview which is usually during the week, then she gets paid again for the day of. She will sometimes do 5 hair dos for a wedding, getting paid well for each one. It also gives you a bit more flexibility with your time and you can explore the option of doing hair for photo shoots, etc.