Thursday, July 29, 2010

a quick lil rant

soo I'm browsing some blogs to pass some time, and I just thought Id vent real quick...

I absolutely HATE when people have music on their blogs.

I can't stand arriving at the main page of their blog and getting a blast of unexpected music.
Sometimes it's a song I dont like, or something annoying or I just I dont enjoy it.
Especially when my husband leaves the computer speakers at full volume.
And thennn I have to search all over the damn page (cuz not everybody puts them in the same place) to find where the player is so I can turn it off.
It'd be much more enjoyable if you gave me the option to play it on my own rather than leave players on autoplay.

/end rant



  1. I hate it as well and Kim (The Kim Show) is the biggest offender. I just turn my speakers off.

  2. Sorry! I like my music player because I can edit it and add music and then let it play while I'm online or in my bedroom....besides, who doesn't like Charlie Feathers?